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Assistant superintendent announces retirement

After more than three decades of helping Castaic students, Janene Maxon, assistant superintendent of educational services for the Castaic Union School District, announced her plans to retire this summer.

Maxon will be finishing the school year before her retirement begins July 1.

Community cleans up Castaic Lake

Members of the Castaic Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) along with volunteers from the community gathered at Castaic Lake to clean up garbage in the lake and surrounding areas Saturday morning.

Castaic Elementary Readies for 2020 Math Field Day

Math Field Day is designed as an enrichment activity to promote mathematical reasoning, teamwork, and a balanced mathematics curriculum for all students in upper elementary school. Participation allows students to demonstrate their math knowledge through competition in the following elements: computational and procedural skills, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving.

CUSD reflections: where everybody knows your name

“I went from L.A. Unified, which is a huge district, to Castaic, which is much smaller, and I wasn’t just an employee number anymore. I’d walk in the district office and they’d know my name,” said Huffman.

Team Up to Clean Up Castaic Lake

Castaic Union School District, in partnership with the Castaic Elementary School Parent Teacher Association, will be hosting a “Be Kind to Your Community” event at Castaic Lake (lower lake), Saturday, Jan. 25, and the entire community is invited.

KLAWS carols to Castaic cats and dogs

As children sang their favorite Christmas carols at the Castaic Animal Shelter Thursday, animals joined in with their own chorus of barks and howls.

For the second time this school year, the Kids Loving Animals Within Shelters (KLAWS) club visited the northern Santa Clarita Valley shelter to socialize and engage with the animals held there.

While the previous event featured the children reading books to the animals, the event held within a week of Christmas had them singing songs with one another.
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