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Volunteer Registration Information


Prospective volunteers, please provide the below items to the school office for approval:


-Completed Volunteer Application

-CUSD Behavior Form signed/dated (attached with application)

-Copy of Driver's License/State ID

-Copy of Negative TB Test Results (new volunteers dated within 60 days / renewing volunteers dated within 4 years)


Volunteers who assist directly with children are required by California state law to have a current Tuberculosis (TB) on file in the school office.  If you plan to volunteer in your child’s classroom or attend school field trips this school year, you must have a current TB test (within four years) on file.  You must submit proof of your TB test to the front office so that you can begin volunteering in your child’s classroom without delay.  Also you will be required to file a volunteer application packet with a copy of your driver’s license. (Available upon request in the office)


Please contact your medical provider regarding their TB testing policy. If you are unable to receive a TB test through your medical provider, Concentra offers TB tests for approx. $64.00. As of January 2015, if you have tested negative for a TB test in the past, you are not required to have an “injection test”. You may ask your provider for a TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire that must be signed by your physician.  The TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire is not available if you have ever tested positive and have been required to have a chest x-ray or if you have never submitted a test to the school before. If this is the case you must have a TB test, a waiver will not be sufficient. TB tests are valid for four years and must be kept current to volunteer. 


We appreciate and value the time you spend volunteering at Northlake Hills and look forward to seeing you!