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Welcome to Northlake Hills Elementary School, a California Distinguished School. Our school serves approximately 620 kindergarten through fifth grade students. Our Kindergarten  through third grade classes have a 20 to 1 class size ratio and our fourth and fifth serve up to thirty-two students.

The excellent staff fully embrace the philosophy that school climate drives academic achievement and success. Northlake Hills Elementary expects students to perform to the best of their ability, while being respectful to their peers, their teachers, and their beautiful school. We want every student to enjoy learning, but not at the expense of another student. Through building a supportive and exciting environment to learn, we can maintain high expectations for student achievement.

The Northlake Hills School community firmly believes that students, parents and teachers working together are the key to a successful school experience.

Erin Augusta, Principal

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Northlake Hills Elementary School is a California Distinguished School.

Northlake Hills

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